Sports & Events Photographer

Specialising in high-quality sports photography for all types of sporting event


Whether individually or with the leading event sport photographic agency, Mick Hall Photos, I have considerable experience providing sports event coverage throughout the corporate and public sectors.


Athletes are some of the most exciting, hard-working and inspiring people in the world. My aim is to capture this.

Promotional Events

As a part of my event photography service, I can cover promotional, commercial and corporate events such as PR events, product launches, conferences and networking events.

I’m a Hampshire-based photographer specialising in sport & lifestyle. 
I’ve had the joy of working with some incredible athletes. The stories of these individuals are intoxicating; their hard work and ambition is contagious; it has driven me to push my work further and harder to achieve my career goals. Athletes have a huge influence on the world. They have the power to bring tears of joy or sorrow to a nation. Athletes can unite thousands, their stories and records have a huge place in history. I like to tell real stories, honest and raw, documenting people doing the things they love.  I feel working within sport and active lifestyles inspires positive change, be it mental health, physical achievement or just cheering around a telly with friends and family.


My work has a clean aesthetic while still maintaining a level of depth and drama.  I understand the complexities of a brief to achieve the best work and love collaborating with everyone, designers, make up artists, stylists and art directors to create work I am proud of. 

Please have a look at my website to see some of my recent work and favourite projects. If you would like to discuss any future work please get in touch.

Action Sport Photography JP-PhotographyUK


As an avid sportsman myself, my understanding of live sports really gives me an advantage while photographing these types of events. My ability to predict action, whether it be; rugby, watersports, motocross, mountain biking or different, is something that allows me to capture the most spectacular of moments.


A passion for motorbikes and cars is a real motivation while covering motorsport and automotive events. From track days to car meets and everything in between, doing one of the things that I love will really show through the pictures that I deliver to you.

For larger corporate events I can source and manage multiple photographers to ensure that every aspect is covered. Images can be staged or candid and can focus on guests networking, individual portraits and group shots.

There is so much planning and preparation that goes in to any event whether its a sporting event, an automotive event or a corporate event. Photographing these events provides the perfect opportunity for future marketing as well as reinforcing memories from the event. Providing on location, documentary style, reportage photography from sporting events, automotive events and corporate events across Hampshire and the rest of the UK at an affordable price.


I have worked with British Super Bike teams, World Renowned Wakeboarders, National and International Mountain Bikers, National Paintball teams and International Rally Cross Contenders and more.


Jake Phillips works with a variety of clients to cover a wide range of sporting events.
Jake will assess your job requirements and provide you with an individual quote.